Jack Brister - The Luxury Magician

Jack Brister - The Luxury Magician


Jack Brister - The Luxury Magician

Jack Brister - The Luxury Magician

For Memories That Last a Lifetime

Everyone is looking to make sure their guests are left talking about their event for years to come

Clients Trust Jack Brister To Ensure This At Their Events


You want your party to stand out. You want people to talk about it for weeks to come and everyone there should be smiling. If they’re not, then you simply haven’t managed to do your job. But how do you guarantee your event has that wow factor that’s so hard to come by?

Many thanks for providing the wonderful entertainment within our Hospitality Pavilions at the Moët & Chandon July Festival. Your magic complemented the atmosphere perfectly and the guests were all suitably amazed!
— Louise Wood - The Jockey Club

This is where the talented Mr Jack Brister enters. With a magic glint in his eye and fingers that defy the speed of logic, this showman will present your occasion with an energy and verve that’s nothing quite shy of undeniable.

Delivering a powerful performance and turning your gathering from simply great into an explosion of colour, life and amazement, you’ll be more than smug that you made the right booking.

Smiles, laughter, gasps and sighs. Questions fill the air. The guests speculate as Jack charms and delights all around with his sleight of hand and skill with fingers and cards.

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If you want brilliance. If you desire the bold and different. If you want to stand head and shoulders above the average, then you know what you must do…

So for weddings that are remembered forever, for parties that inspire conversation and intrigue, for corporate events where people are bought together by illusion – choose Jack Brister. It’s not a case of what he brings to the magic table, it’s simply that your moment won’t be anywhere near the same without him.


To enquire about Jack's availability for your event please follow the link below. Alternatively call us any time on:
+44 (0) 207 167 4215