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Trust Jack Brister to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Elegance and subtly are Jack's speciality when it comes to your event

The Young Mr Brister is a conjuror of the highest order, bringing forth delights and surprises that amaze and astound all those around him. But that is only part of his skill. An avid historian and accurate storyteller, Jack embellishes his performance with the characters and tales of the evolution of the card sharping art.

We had a fabulous night and your magic really added to the entertainment. Lots of friends have told us how clever you were, especially the trick where the lady’s ring disappeared! They had no idea how you did it!
— Simon Meredith - Private Party

Starting in backrooms of the gambling halls, where magic as we first know it was first performed. Jack starts the journey at the fingertips of names like SW Erdanse, the man who published one of the truly classic card magic books, who is regarded by many the original master of the art. Jack bring the story to life, narrating the tale with his tricks as he documents the passage of time.

It’s Jack’s passion for history and knowledge of the art that makes his act so alluring and entertaining. Each trick is an education. Every flip of the card is a memory bought forward from the annals of time to amaze and astound. Not content to simply mimic the masters of the past, our magician adds new layers of complexity and astonishment to these classic tricks.

An actor, a story-teller and a worker of the art supernatural, Jack Brister’s style is entertaining and truly magnetic. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the manner in which he moves the cards, and each time he reveals his illusion your breath will stop for a single moment whilst you stare in wonderment.

If you have an event or an occasion that needs a certain touch of elegance, intrigue and curiosity, then Jack Brister will create a talking point that lasts well beyond the last goodbye and quizzical smile.


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