Ruth and Jons Wedding 5.JPG
Ruth and Jons Wedding 5.JPG

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Weddings and Occasions

Entertainment As Unique As Your Wedding Day

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime and Photos You'll Treasure Forever

Leave your Wedding guests with that magical feeling

The bride has kissed the groom. Bells ring in the air. Family and friends beam smiles all around and the day has that edge of abandon and wild freedom all around you. Everything is as it should be, yet the feeling is charged with the future of the moment.

Of course, the last thing you want is for the feeling to drop – what would it be like if people start to become bored? There’s a danger to standing around. When people are waiting, when the conversation runs dry or the bar is still a car ride away, what happens to the high electric pace? How do you hold on to the atmosphere?

I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome performance. Our guests have not stopped talking about it and singing your praises. You made our day special and I can’t thank you enough.
— Sarah Newman - Bride

And when you want to keep that energy, as guests wait for photographers or people arrive at the reception for the meal, what better way to do so than with the Young Mr Brister? With his close up card tricks guaranteed to draw a crowd and suspend their wonder, he presents the perfect transition between the key events of the big day.

Jack creates the perfect fanfare for your wedding. Pulling in your guests with his intriguing and curious illusions, his is a class and elegance that’s second to none and every pair of eyes will be on him. If you want to make your day stand out with something special, then let this master showman make everyone hold their breath in amazement.

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Not only for adults, the close-up illusions in his repertoire hold something to entertain even the youngest guests. Designed to let little hands hold onto the cards and get the feeling that they’ve performed the magic, these tricks can leave a sweet smile that lasts out the whole day.

Of course, to keep even the keenest magic fans entertained, Jack has a number of unique skills and tricks that you won’t see anyone else perform. Creating a sense of astonishment where the rest of the world is forgotten, his abilities effortlessly complement an already special day.


To enquire about Jack's availability for your event please follow the link below. Alternatively call us any time on:
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