Congratulations On Your Engagement! (4 Places To Learn More)

During the 6 weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day we see a massive surge in engagement.

In fact, roughly 40% of all engagements happen in those 6 weeks. You may well of been aware of this, you may have seen a surge in recent weeks of friends getting engaged? Perhaps you are even part of this cohort?

If so, congratulations. Now for the fun part, planning the wedding!

This is often the largest event you will ever organise outside of work. There is so much you need to do. The great thing is, you are not alone. Thousands of people get engaged every year and they all end up in the same boat, unsure of what to do they turn to others for advice.

This week I wanted to run through where you can go for professional advice. While getting friends opinions, they are just that, opinions. Whereas if you listen to professionals who live and breath weddings you’ll be able to hear an experienced voice give you real world advice and tips they have seen working.

Janice in accounts may have some wonderful ideas about your wedding but you need to remember it’s your wedding day and she doesn’t know what you might actually want your wedding day to look like!

Anyway, here are some sources you may find useful:

1) This blog

Sorry, I couldn’t not recommend it really! Every Monday I release a brand new blog post all about wedding planning. I aim to inform you and help overcome any problems you might have come across in your wedding planning. If you ever have anything you’d like me to talk about then please do just leave a comment in a blog post and I’ll be sure to expand upon it in a future blog post.


2) ‘Yes’ To ‘I Do’ - Your Wedding Planning Podcast

Alright, alright, I know I’m recommending something of mine again but trust me, this is a fantastic resource for learning from real professionals. Every week we bring on a new wedding professional and grill them about their area of expertise. At the time of writing we sit at the 8th most popular wedding planning podcast on the planet, and we only have our listeners to thank for that!

3) 'My ‘Ultimate Guides’

This is the last one I promise! A series of booklets aimed at demystifying the wedding planning process with real world advice. They are free to download and cover a variety of topics all related to your wedding planning.


4) 'Blissful Wedding Planning - Becoming A Stoic Bride’

You may be wondering why I’m recommending another magician’s book. Well, this isn’t any old magician. Chris is the co-host of ‘Yes’ To ‘I Do’ and really knows his stuff when it comes to both weddings and stoicism. This book will save you hours of stressing and pain while you plan your wedding. It could also cement your marriage!

Until next week,

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