Does Price Effect Quality Of Your Wedding Suppliers?

The simple answer is yes but it’s a little more complicated than that.

We know that in most walks of life there are different tiers of pricing. Take cars as an example.

You can buy a Ford KA from around £11,000, or you can buy a Rolls Royce Wraith for anything over £250,000. Ultimately they still get you from A to B but they do it in very different ways.

Your wedding suppliers are the same. I’ll use photographers as my example.

I know of photographers working at weddings for as little as £250, but I have photographer friends that I know charge upwards of £7,500 to shoot a wedding. What’s the difference?

Well, if you’re looking at it purely from a ‘they are just going to take a couple of photos’, then much like the Ford/Rolls Royce analogy you’re probably not going to see beyond the fact they both have wheels and get you to the same place.

Having said that, there is a gigantic difference between these two photographers and while they both take photos, it’s everything that goes along with it.

Much like a Rolls Royce has all of it’s extras like hand stitched seats, a champagne cooler and even the umbrella in the door is nice little touch that you don’t get any other car company.

When you book a high end photographer you get so much more than just photos. You get a level of customer experience that you cannot get from a cheaper photographer. Not only that but you get a difference level of photography and editing. They just know what they are doing more so than a cheaper photographer.

That is not to say that price is the only defining feature in quality but in this huge difference I think price is a very key indicator as to the quality of your photographer.

If, however, you are looking at a difference of £1,500 and £2,000, there probably isn’t that big of a difference in quality of work. The price hike isn’t big enough to justify it.

When that’s the case you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest. You should go with that one that you get on with best. This applies to all wedding suppliers, especially those that will become part of your day.

They are going to be in the biggest, most important day of your life, you’ve got to make sure that you get on with them and they suit your wedding day best.

I like to be an open book, so, if you’re planning an elegant, sophisticated but fun wedding, then I want to be there. That’s where I get the most joy and I’ve always been honest about that. I know that I will perform best and get the most out of your wedding day if your day fits into my ideal wedding.

It’s a question you can ask all your suppliers ‘what’s your ideal wedding to work at?’ or ‘what’s your ideal couple to work with?’ they will have answers to these questions.

I think this is far more important than price. If you get on with your suppliers you’ll have the best wedding day possible.

So, as I said, the answer is yes, you do generally get a better quality the more you pay and the bigger the difference the more you get for your money but if price isn’t an issue than focus on those suppliers that are going to compliment your day best.

Until next week,

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