4 Things That Affect A Suppliers Price


With the ever growing number wedding suppliers it can be hard to tell why one supplier is more expensive than another. I hope to dispel some of the myths surrounding wedding suppliers prices.

1) The Date

Your wedding date is important and can often affect price. Would you want to be working on a sunny Saturday in August? It's the perfect day for a wedding, and we would never begrudge working then, it’s part of the job, it will affect the price.

2) Not All Suppliers Are Created Equal

You may be looking round at magicians and wondering why one is 4 times the price of another. There are many things that can be the reason for this. They may be more skilled in magic. They will of course have more experience and performance knowledge than a cheaper magician. There is also a certain level of customer experience that would need to be met. I have my assistant working 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to meet your every need.

3) Their Clients

A supplier has a standard client, the kind of people they tend to perform for. Their price tends to affect this as someone who would rather work at weddings in village halls will charge a very different price to someone who specialises in performing at high end country manors.

4) Everything else that goes on

An easy example of this is the florist. They may have £500 worth of flowers but charge you £1,200 for an archway. That’s because they have to sit down and thread each flower through the archway and tie them together. It takes them many hours to put together.

Another example of this is with photographers. They take photos on the day but then they need to spend many hours in front of the computer to edit every single photo. The more stylised their photos, the more editing and higher the price.

And all this is before you even consider the years of training that’s gone into getting them the experience to be able to be at your wedding.

I hope I’ve helped explain some of myths around pricing at a wedding.

Until next week,

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