Wedding Guest Etiquette


Planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful experience. There are so many whirring cogs and it doesn't take much to throw it off course. Especially when there are so many things that are out of the couples control.

That's why every guest should do everything they can to help ease the planning process. The best way to ease this is for you to follow these 6 simple rules that every couple will thank you for.


This may seem simple but the couple have been planning this day for months, if not years. It only seems fair to respond promptly so they know exactly who is going to be there so that they can keep everything organised. If you don't RSVP they will have to chase you for a response and they've got enough to think about!

2) Dress Appropriately

I will do a full blog post on different dress codes separately, I'll link it here when it's come out. The key here is to dress as you would expect others to dress at your wedding. A well fitting 2 or 3 piece suit is usually expected from a man and a nice dress for women (I'll be honest, women's clothing isn't my area of expertise). I'd advise leaving anything close to white or black at home. You are best to over than under dress.

3) Follow The Social Media Rules

This applies to phones in general. I have always been a fan of putting your phone on Airplane mode when at a wedding. There is so much put on at a wedding, the last thing the couple want is to have you on your phone all day. Any if you do take photos, don't rush to post them on social media. The couple may not want that image on social media yet.

4) Watch The Drink

Please, please, please don't drink to much and do something you'll regret! It's well known that people do drink a lot at weddings. The reality, it's not necessary. It's much better to relax and enjoy the day rather than challenge others to how much they can drink. Would you want someone plastered on your wedding day?

5) Enjoy it

Have fun! Someone has spent a lot of money to make sure all the guests have a great time. Make the most of it!

6) It's Not Your Wedding

Don't judge the decisions about this wedding. The couple have put on the day they want. That's all that really matters.

Until next week,