Making Your Wedding Yours

Let’s be honest. You only get married once! That’s the beauty behind all weddings! There is no other day in your life where everything is about you!

I think there is a temptation to fit into this cookie cutter wedding. You will Google weddings or wedding planning and you’ll be inundated with websites about planning your wedding and they all seem to follow a similar mould.

Don’t listen to them! You do you. As I said, you only get married once you want to make sure it’s special.

When I say ‘do whatever you want’ I really mean it. There are 0 limitations to your wedding day. If you love Star Wars, have a Star Wars themed wedding. If you love Medieval reenactments then reenact a Medieval wedding! Literally anything is possible.

The problem comes when you start thinking about other weddings you’ve attended in the past and you feel like you should conform to that style of wedding.

There is no need to do that. Your wedding can be crazy. Or even subtly yours.

I am going to use a real life example from a wedding I attended a few years ago:

The couple were big Disney fans and they wanted a Disney wedding. The problem was, every time they Googled ‘Disney wedding’ a sea of cheese hit their eyes! Everything looked cheesy or tacky and they wanted to avoid that at all costs.

This is why doing your own thing is so important. They ended up subtly including Disney into their day. Everything was Disney inspired. If you are family with how Disney incorporate ‘hidden Mickeys’ into their parks or movies. It hit that level of Disney!

The plates were laid out into a Mickey Mouse shape, the table plan was laid out like groups of Mickeys head.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg. The great thing about this approach meant that the guests got to spend time trying to find all the hidden Disney nods. They even made a treasure map type game out of them. It was great fun!

They wanted a fun but formal wedding based around Disney and they managed to achieve exactly that. You can achieve exactly what you want too if you have the courage to do it.

Until next week,

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