How To Choose Your Venue


I’m not just going to sit here and list of venues I’m recommended supplier at. That wouldn’t achieve anything (other than knowing where I’m a supplier of course). Instead I want to take you through a process of choosing a venue. What you need to consider, as well as things you may never have thought about.

  1. Catering - I think some of you must think all I think about if food. It’s not true I promise! This is a big one that people don’t always consider though. Couples fall in love with a venue and then later (after they’ve booked) find out that the food isn’t as good as they hoped. You need to think about how you want food to be done on the day. Do you have a particular restaurant or caterer you want to be at your wedding? Or is there a meal you really want to have? You need to think about these things before booking a venue that doesn’t allow for outside caterers, or only works with a select few caterers. It may sound like a minor thing but the food is something that is going to be talked about long after the wedding, in fact, in some cases, long after the details of the venue has been forgotten. Make sure you can have what you want.

  2. Are they licensed? - You can have a ceremony anywhere these days. There is absolutely no restrictions on your ceremony location, however, if it’s not licensed for weddings that does mean that your ceremony will not be legally binding, you will need to get that done at a separate time to make your marriage legal.

  3. Guest numbers - There is no point looking at a small venue when you’re expecting 300 guests! I know this one actually is obvious but it leads in nicely to the next point.

  4. Bedrooms - Does the venue have bedrooms? If so, how many? Do you want to use the bedrooms? Sometimes elderly guests might appreciate having a bedroom on site, but sometimes the party noise going on downstairs is just too loud for them. Make sure you know how far the bedrooms are from the action. If they don’t have bedrooms, make sure there is a hotel nearby that you can direct guests to if they are coming from a distance. Often venues without rooms partner with local hotels to offer preferential rates. Make sure you ask your venue if they do this.

  5. Budget - Before you can look at any of this you need to settle on your budget. If you have a venue budget of £5,000 there’s no point looking at the £10,000 dry hire venues. But equally you shouldn’t ignore the £3,000 venues just because they are below budget. You never know, you might surprise yourself!

Those are my 5 things to look out for when choosing your venue.

Until next week,

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