How To Choose Your Wedding Music

A band, a DJ or just a speaker with an iPhone, it can be so hard to decide what is the difference between all three.

Why should you pay for a band or DJ when you could just have an iPhone? Well, there are a multitude of reasons but we’ll stick with the big one in my mind.

The main difference is that an iPhone is not a human. I know this sounds obvious but stick with me.

If you create the ‘perfect’ playlist for your wedding and stick it on shuffle and let it go that is a reciepe for disaster! The whole point of having music in the evening is to get people up and dancing. I am pretty confident in saying that when you just stick on a playlist, this doesn’t happen.

Why? Well, because the playlist cannot see the room. It doesn’t know if there are 100 people on the dance floor or 1 person on the dance floor. All it knows is it’s songs. When you have a DJ or band they can see the room, they are aware of how many people are on the dance floor and how many are not.

Because they are professionals they also know what songs will get people onto the dance floor and what songs will keep people there. That’s their jobs. DJs are experts at reading rooms and gauging the mood and can adjust their playlist accordingly.

A band is much the same. The added advantage of a band is that they inhertently make people want to dance. I can’t really explain this but there is something about a band over a DJ that just gets people onto the dance floor faster!

I think it’s the extra human element and the fact that not only can they adjust the songs to fit the room, they can also adjust the way the song is played. This is what you pay the money for.

I know it is tempting to go for the iPhone and a speaker option as it can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your wedding day but don’t fall into that trap.

When it comes to determining whether to go with a DJ or a band it’s kind of dealers choice. I always love seeing a live band. The atmosphere is unlike any other type of musical entertainment.

It’s a guarenteed party starter!

The only time booking a band could be a problem is if your hotel has a sound limiter. Now this is something that Tim from Next Level Music goes into on his podcast episode that comes out in a couple of weeks so I don’t want to spread misinformation but in essence a band can get over that sound limiter a lot easier than a DJ and that can have severe consequences.

The best thing you can do is ask your venue whether they have a sound limiter or not.

There are other things to consider but as I said, Tim goes into that in way more detail. Check out his episode that get’s released on the 24th April 2019!

Until next week,

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