So, How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

It’s the million-dollar question…

Ok, that may be bad phrasing. It’s doesn’t have to cost a million dollars!

The problem with this question is that there is no right answer. You can tie the knot at a registry office and have a small party in your back garden for a couple of hundred pounds, maybe a thousand. Equally you can spend hundred’s of thousands on the most beautiful wedding venue and the best flowers, the best entertainment, the best everything.

Then obviously there’s everything in between!

The average wedding cost was £17,674 last year.

I think the big question should be what can you afford? If you can afford £200,000 on your wedding then that’s great! But if you can afford £1,000 then you can work with that and have a really lovely wedding day.

I cannot stress this enough, a wedding is not worth getting into debt for!

If you have a dream wedding but you can’t afford it yet, have a longer engagement. There is nothing wrong with a long engagement. The average engagement is 24 months but there is no harm in having a longer one if you are looking to have your dream wedding.

I have always been of the theory that if you have an idea of a wedding, wait and save until you can afford it. Then you don’t need to compromise.

In fact, that’s my best advice. Decide what you can currently afford, see if you can do what you want with that money, if you can’t wait until you can.

Maybe you need to go on one less holiday a year to do what you want to you and you need to decide if that’s worth it to you.

Until tomorrow,

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