So, you're newly engaged...

Obviously, congratulations! That goes without saying!

Now the pleasantries are out of the way we can get onto some quality information that is going to transform your wedding planning.

You’re probably wondering what you should be doing right? We’ve already discussed the first steps in planning your wedding in a previous post so I won’t go through that. Instead we are going to talk about things you should be doing before the wedding planning even takes place.

Tell Everyone… Or Don’t

This is the beauty of weddings, you can do exactly what you want with your wedding. It’s your day after all. This is a prime example of that.

Some people will be desperate to post their engagement on Facebook and let the world know about their engagement. Others would rather just tell people when they see each other and keep it personal. I even know people that just waited until their friends noticed the ring on their finger. As I said, none of these are right and none of them are wrong, they are just the best things for you and what you want to do with your news.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Sometimes people already know this, they know who they want their bridesmaid's to be, others have no idea. The great thing is that you don’t need to have thought about any other part of the wedding to start thinking about this. Your wedding party isn’t dependant upon your date, your venue or anything like that. You just need to pick the people that are special to you.

If you decide on this you may then wish to involve them as early as possible. They can even help to make sure they are all available for your wedding day.

Choose When You Want To Get Married

Are you after a big summer wedding or are you more of a winter bride? We discussed this in detail on our podcast ‘Yes’ To ‘I Do’ - Your Wedding Planning Podcast. We covered it in way more detail than I possibly could in this post so I recommend checking that out!

Sorry to blatantly plug like that but I do believe I would never be able to get this article close to what we discussed in that podcast. You can find it on your favourite streaming service, just search for ‘Yes’ To ‘I Do’ and we will pop right up!

Until tomorrow,

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