Your First Step In Planning Your Wedding

Well, this kicks off my daily articles. Did you get engaged recently? This week of articles will be fun and hopefully interesting for you.

The first thing you’re wondering is ‘what the hell do I do first?’

It’s a reasonable question and I can understand your concern. The first thing I would always recommend doing is setting a budget.

Why is setting a budget so important?

Without the budget you cannot look into anything. If you’re working on a shoestring budget then you know you can’t look at the most expensive venue in the area!

Equally, if your budget is in the hundreds of thousands, you can look pretty much anywhere! There is no right or wrong answer to your budget, just make sure you set one.

Your budget is the one thing that affects everything. Without a budget you cannot choose your venue, photographer, entertainment, nothing! With different budgets come different levels of every supplier.

When setting a budget it’s important not to set something that you cannot afford to pay. The point of a wedding is to celebrate love, not to get yourself into massive amounts of debt!

Once you’ve set how much you’ve got to spend, you then need to decide how you’re going to spend it. What’s most important to you? Your venue? Your decorations? Your entertainment?

Everyone has a different set of priorities and once you’ve decided on that you can move forward and start looking at where you’re going to get married and what you are going to have on your wedding day.

Until tomorrow,

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