6 Things Smart Brides Do To Make Sure Their Guests LOVE Their Wedding Day

When you’re planning your wedding it’s very easy to think about everything from your perspective. After all, it is your wedding day!

This is an easy enough trap to fall into and I’ve seen it time and time again where the happy couple are having the best day while their guests look like they would rather be at home watching reruns of Friends!

This is easily solvable though with these 6 steps:

1) Take A Step Back

Whenever you are about to book something, take a step back and think about why. Is it for you or your guests? Both answers are fine and your obviously need things that are for you but you want to see if you can even up the playing field a little bit. It’s not an easy thing to do but if you want happy guests you’ve got to make sure that you do things that are for them too!

2) Don’t Be A Bridezilla

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If you’re going to snap at anyone who doesn’t follow the rules to the letter your guests are going to be living in fear of your wedding day! They won’t want to be part of it! Keep everything chilled out and your guests will be happy too. If you want to be super chilled on your wedding day I have to recommend my good friend and co-host, Chris Peircy’s book ‘Blissful Wedding Planning: Becoming a Stoic Bride’ on Amazon. It is a fantastic insight into how you can be calm and roll with the punches, not just on your wedding day but in life!

3) Don’t Overwhelm People

This may not be nice to hear but people just don’t car about your wedding day! When I say that I mean they don’t care as much as you do. It’s taken over your life, it means everything to you. That doesn’t mean the same thing has happened to your guests. They have carried on living their lives. If you bring up your wedding every 30 seconds in the lead up to it your friends will end up hating your wedding because of it. They just won’t want to be part of it! If someone brings it up then by all means mention it but don’t allow them get annoyed at you for it.

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4) Keep Them Entertained

This is a biggie. How many weddings have you been to where you’ve been bored at various parts of the day? Be it during the Drinks Reception, the Breakfast or after the speeches, I am sure there have been times where you have been sat, or standing, bored! The problem is, most couples are busy at those times! They don’t even think about their guests being bored because they are busy. I think everyone’s been bored at one point or another thinking ‘this won’t happen at my wedding’. Keeping your guests entertained is the best way to do that.

5) No Singles Table

This is a real pet peeve of mine and many others. You may even have been on one of these tables in the past. If you have you’ll know how awkward that table is! You’ve been flung onto that table by the couple as a chance to meet their single friends. This doesn’t work! That table also sticks out like a saw thumb! It becomes unenjoyable for the guests on that table and it just makes the other guests feel odd. Separate them out and allow them to meet on their own terms.

6) Give Them Something To Remember

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I’ve said this on ‘Yes’ To ‘I Do’ - Your Wedding Planning Podcast many times. People remember 2 things about any event (including weddings). They remember the food and the funny. In other words. They remember what they ate and what entertainment was there. The problem is, most weddings don’t consider entertainment until the evening. There are a host of entertainment options that could, arguably, offer more memorable experiences than the evening entertainment. Take for example a magician. It’s a fantastic opportunity to infuse some entertainment into your wedding day, breaking up some of the boring parts and breaking the ice between guests. Especially given the 6 friendship groups there (friends, family and coworkers from both sides) breaking the ice is vital! Without that your guests will be more inclined to dislike your wedding day. Check out this short 1 minute video to see how magic can add to your wedding day:


I hope this helps you keep your guests happy on your wedding day. If you do want to find out more about having a magician on your wedding day, I’ve love to chat with you, just head over to my ‘Availability’ page and send us an email!

Until next week,

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