Trade Show Magic


Trade Show Magic

Looking to Increase your ROI at Trade Shows?

Do You Struggle Building and Keeping a Crowd?

A Trade Show Magician May be what you need



A Trade Show Magician may not seem like the obvious solution to increasing the ROI at your next Trade Show but you may be surprised how much a Trade Show Magician can add to your next Trade Show.

What is a Trade Show Magician?

It may first be useful to understand what a Trade Show Magician is, right?

A Trade Show Magician can do a multitude of different things and that's the beauty of them. Many companies spent loads of time getting their stand looking just right, or building a killer presentation but don't think about how they are actually going to get people to their stand in the first place.

Shouldn't this really be a priority?

If no one is on your stand it doesn't matter how good your presentation is, no one is going to see it!

Since being at Trade Shows I've seen some interesting ways of drawing in a crowd. Some examples I've seen include:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Caricaturist
  • Ice Cream
  • Phone Charging Units
  • Giveaways
  • Owls

Yes, you did read that right! I've seen a real life owl at a Trade Show before! Given my aversion to birds, that actually pushed me away from that stand even more. I can't imagine I was the only one either! I guess the idea was that people would come and see the owl and then... I don't know, maybe the owl gave a sales presentation?

This is the big draw back with all these ideas, none of them can effectively convey your product or service, let alone what makes you different and how you solve their problems. There is very little tangible value having them there.

This is where a Trade Show Magician is different. 

Not only do they create crowds for a living, they also talk to those crowds! They engage with those crowds and create conversation. This is so important because it can be the difference between drawing a crowd and gaining valuable leads from that crowd.


Here are just 4 ways a Trade Show Magician can work:

1) Increase Crowds at Your Stand

A magician can build a crowd with ease. It's their job. Walking up to strangers and stopping them is part of the job. Not only do they stop people but because they have to engage them with the magic the magic is custom built for your product or service. Imagine that. Someone drawing in a crowd and talking to them about your product or service in an entertaining manner!

2) Increase Sales Productivity

Because the Trade Show Magician is able to bring in the crowd and talk about the product your sales team is able to focus on talking to people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. That makes your sales team so much more proactive! No more wasted time talking to people who just don't care. Instead they are spending their time talking to potential clients.

3) Increase Leads

As a Trade Show Magician can build a large crowd, you are able to increase your leads by scanning everyone. While not everyone will be interested in your product or service instantly, therefore not requiring the time of the sales team, they may need it in the future. So by having them stopped by the Trade Show Magician could be invaluable to your company in the future. 

4) Increase ROI

If you combined all these things together, I think you can agree that your ROI at your next Trade Show will go up. That's the most important thing, does it increase ROI. With this system to ensure your Sales Team are productive, your leads multiply and the number of people on your stand increase through an entertaining corporate message, it seems like a no brainer.


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