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Entertainment As Unique As Your Wedding Day

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime and Photos You'll Treasure Forever

Leave you and your Wedding guests with that magical feeling

I understand that when you start planning a wedding you don’t automatically think “I need a magician!”

The reality is, being a ‘magician’ is just where I get started. For me, I’m all about making your wedding different.

You are planning the most wonderful wedding day to make sure your guests remember your special day for years to come.

That’s what I do. I love weddings. There is a special atmosphere at a wedding that you don’t get at other events. I am there to enhance that atmosphere and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A wedding magician can work really well at 3 times in particular:

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The Drinks Reception

You’ve just got married, everyone is really happy and excited. You go off and have your photos done, everyone else stands around and wonders when the food will be served. This is where I come in and keep that energy high, get guests talking, bringing groups together and creating an atmosphere that your guests will remember forever.

The Wedding Breakfast

While the waiting staff do a great job, they can’t serve every table at once. I make sure that the wait time becomes enjoyable, making those minutes seem like seconds. I’ll also get the table talking - great if they don’t know each other. It’s also perfect if there are any delays in service; no one will ever know.

Before The Evening Reception

This time is always awkward. How do you fill it? People are often left wondering around for a couple of hours. It’s the ideal time to inject the room with fun and entertainment. Your guests will be able to relax and enjoy being entertained before the evening reception really gets going.


5 Reasons to Book Me

I have to admit, this is my least favourite part .

I’ve never been someone to blow my own trumpet. I’d rather let my work speak for itself.

Nevertheless, I understand that you probably want to know what I do that makes me different to every other magician out there. I mentioned that being a “magician” is just where I start. Now you’re going to see why.

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Most magicians will tell you that your wedding day needs to be different and that’s why you should hire them. They will then go and offer you a stock package. I didn’t want that, so I’ve designed my packages the way I have to allow for a truly unique wedding.


My life has revolved around entertaining people. I make sure that keeping you and your guests happy and entertained is a top priority. I want them to enjoy your day and come away with nothing but fun and entertaining memories of your special day.


Entertainment doesn’t have to be full of crude or stale comedy. No one liners or cheesy jokes - instead I focus on the entertainment your guests want to see. Weddings are very elegant affairs, your entertainment should reflect that.


I want you to enjoy your day. My job is to allow you to relax on your day and actually take it in. I am always on hand to help things run smoothly and keep the day high energy and fun. If you can’t enjoy your wedding day, how can anyone else?


I’m not just a magician. I’ve spent my entire life in front of audiences. When you enquire, you’ll understand that I offer far more than just magic at weddings. From MCing the day to providing a PA system for speeches, I can do it.


The Proof is in the Pudding

It's all well and good saying these things but if I don't deliver then it doesn't matter. That's why I've included a small selection of reviews from previous happy brides for you to view. Many more are available on request. Just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

Thank you so much for bringing your magic to our wedding. You were very popular and a number of guests said how amazing your tricks were. We were touched that you stayed until after the wedding breakfast to do the trick for us, and will definitely be part of the souvenirs and memorabilia of our wonderful wedding and will be kept.
— Norman Hingston
Thank you so much for bringing some added magic to our wedding day! Our guests did not stop talking about it all evening - especially my nan! You really did blow us all away, and we are still trying to work out how you do it now. We would highly recommend you to all our friends.
— Mickala Kemp
Jack came to our wedding and was nothing short of incredible. He arrived promptly and was there to entertain our guests during the welcome drinks and walked round the table while people were waiting for the wedding breakfast. His magic is unbelievable and a really special touch. Everyone was in complete awe and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Jack certainly blew everybody’s mind and I would 100% recommend him for any event! You really do need to see it to believe it! Thank you so much Jack for being a part of our special day, everyone’s still talking about you, best magician we have ever seen!
— Laura Pease
Your magic literally blew me off my chair. I thought it was all fake but its actually amazing, I could sit and watch you all day
— Brody Jones
I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome performance. Our guests have not stopped talking about it and singing your praises. You made our day special and I can’t thank you enough.
— Sarah Newman

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I have 3 packages that are custom build for wedding performances. Your wedding day is unique and I know that. You want your day to stand out. That's why our packages are always tailored to your individual wedding. This is why we don't include pricing on this page. 

Every enquiry is special for me and I like to make sure that I can provide as much value to your wedding as possible. To get a complimentary call with me be sure to contact me via the form below.

The Ruby Package

Wedding entertainment like you've never seen it before

An afternoon of entertainment. I will be there from the moment the bells ring until your guests are partying the night away.

I am not about rigid timings, I would much rather be there until you and your guests are throughly entertained. I cannot guarantee that your guests will be entertained within 2 hours, I'd much rather keep the timings loose to ensure maximum entertainment.

This package also includes a standard bride and groom performance just for you.

The Sapphire Package

Bespoke entertainment for you and your guests

You don't want to be worrying about your guests being entertained. You want to know they are in safe hands. That's what this package insures.

Not only do you get my award winning close-up magic, you also receive my full hosting services. This means that if you don't already have a toastmaster (if you do, get in touch and I'll make this package even better for you) then you can be safe in the knowledge that things will now run to time with a fun and entertaining hosting service.

The Diamond Package

Entertainment that reflects you and your wedding day

Award winning entertainment and hosting duties not enough?

This is the package for you. The Diamond Package includes:

  • Award winning close-up magic
  • Full hosting duties
  • A 20 minute stand-up show after the speeches
  • A bespoke bride and groom performance
  • Microphone and speech tips from me
  • A complimentary, bespoke Snapchat filter

If some of those things don't go with your day then just let me know when you enquire and I will be happy to adjust the packages to suit your needs.


A Bit About Me.

I am a full time professional wedding magician. In fact, magic has been the only way I've paid my bills since I left school.

I love weddings, there really is a unique magical feeling that you get a weddings that I've always felt a magician really can enhance.

My job is to create an emotional connection between your guests and your wedding day ensuring that they create memories to last a lifetime.

The average person attends 3 weddings a year, it's very easy for them all to start merging into one. I'm here to make your wedding stand out.

You and your guests will be talking about your wedding day for the rest of your lives.

You will remember your wedding day forever, make sure your guests do too.

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A Bit About You

Very rarely will you see a supplier talk about their couples and who tends to book them. Well, I'm not your standard supplier!

I have been performing at weddings for many years and have been booked by hundreds of brides and grooms. That means I have a lot of experience dealing with my clients. So, I thought I'd tell you who my usual client is. That doesn't mean that all my couples fit this bill but the majority of them do. 

My couples have discerning taste, the appreciate quality and they understand that quality often comes at a price. They invest their time in making sure their guests have the best possible day because they understand that if their guests are having fun, they will be having fun. My couples don't take themselves too seriously but have an appreciation for elegance. 

If this sounds like you, then we really should talk. If it doesn't sound at all like you, that's ok. This is just my usual clientele and not a rigid criteria. I would still love to hear from you.


How do I Book You?

That's really quite simple. Just fill out the form and I will be in touch ASAP. Alternatively, please call or email me anytime.

Availability is extremely limited and with bookings going into 2020 and beyond, the earlier you get in touch, the better chance you have of securing your preferred time.


Phone: +44 (0) 207 167 4215



I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,





To enquire about Jack's availability for your event please follow the link below. Alternatively call us any time on:
+44 (0) 207 167 4215