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Team Building Experiences

Bring Your Team Closer Together

Bespoke Team Building to Get Your Team Working Cohesively


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Everyone is looking for unique and special team building days. You've done the same old team building experiences for years now. You want to make sure this one stands out as something different. That's where we come in.

Team Building Experiences are run by a full time professional magician (Jack Brister).

Jack wants to impart the knowledge he has gained as a magician to bring your teams closer together.

Jack is not your run of the mill magician. He makes every event stand out. He is enigmatic, engaging and entertaining. He's what you need your team to be. That's why he has decided to offer these unique training workshops.

Each workshop is tailored to your exact requirements, making sure you get maximum value from each and every second of your workshop.


Now's your chance to find out! All whilst bringing your team closer together.

We don't focus on just the mechanics of the trick but the how's and the why's behind the tricks.

Over the course of the workshop your teams will learn:

  • Persuasion

  • Misdirection

  • Timing

  • Interaction

  • Working Together

  • Communication

  • Much, much more...

We know that every team is different and we use a unique, proven system that guarantees your teams grow, not only as teams but as people too.

Previous Clients Include:

A Bit About Your Trainer.

Jack Brister is a full time professional magician. He has mastered the dark art of magic and is now ready to impart his knowledge to help build your team.

He has worked tirelessly to curate the very best magic has to offer for you. His workshops are fun and engaging, ensuring your delegates get maximum value from the workshop.

Over the last 6 years Jack has had the honour of performing for the world's elite at their private events. This has placed Jack at the forefront of his industry. As an expert in his field he is ready to impart his knowledge onto your delegates.

Your team needs someone that is going to interact with them and encourage them to achieve more. That's exactly what Jack does. Using his unique system to provide the training, Jack will have your delegates laughing and having fun, all whilst learning and developing new skills.

What more could you want from a trainer?

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Check Jack's Availability

Just fill out the form, email or call us to get a quote. All enquiries are dealt with within a few working hours.


Phone: +44 (0) 207 167 4215

E-mail: enquiries@theluxurymagician.com