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Private Parties

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How do you make sure your dinner party stands out? When you put so much effort in to creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests, how can you push the soiree over the edge with an electric excitement that’s second to none?

If you want your event to sparkle and shine with the mystery of magic, then there is no better man than Jack for your event. He’ll deliver a unique blend of conjuration and entertainment that will have everyone talking in whispers about your party for many weeks to come. So how does he lend his art to your party?

We had a fabulous night and your magic really added to the entertainment. Lots of friends have told us how clever you were! They had no idea how you did it!
— Simon Meredith - Private Party

Everyone loves to look at the darker sides of life. People are fascinated by the more divisive and impulsive nature of humans. When clever individuals work out they can get an edge on life, on the house, or on authority, we have a strange admiration for their talents and skills.

Jack Brister understands the legacy created by the gambling cheats, who performed the first card tricks in the backstreet casinos of big cities. Not only playing with their money, but playing with their lives, these unsung pioneers of the art of magic risked everything on a steely belief in their skills.

Taking you through the history of card tricks, starting with the first names to reveal this unspoken art to an unknowing public and finishing with those who turned their hand into the popular shows that still en-trance audiences in destinations like Las Vegas, Paris and London to this day.

Not content to simply mimic the greats, Jack has put his own signature style on many of the tricks, adding new elements of skill and illusion. Performing famous tricks blindfolded and demonstrating unique moves that are all of his own, his specialism in card tricks and prestidigitation will leave you in wonder.


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