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Corporate Events


Corporate Events

Bespoke Corporate Presentations

Build Your Message Into Your Entertainment

Jack Brister will work with you to ensure guests remember your event

You want your company’s event to go with a swing. Smiles, laughter and the sound of conversation should fill the air. After all, people do business with people, it’s not all about the facts and figures. That’s why a shared attraction, a unique spectacle and a talking point does all the hard work of sparking the party for you.

We, both staff and attendees, were all blown away, and people were talking about you at conference day 2 so you definitely left a lasting impression.
— Sophie Warren - CABE

And that’s where Jack Brister steps into his own. With his unique blend of card magic and story-telling he creates a stir amongst the guests. As he takes them on a journey across history of his art through the tales of its most famous characters, each one comes to life, complete with their secrets, in his hands.

Not simply content with performing the popular tricks of the moment, Jack’s indulgence is to add an extra level of skill and deception into his illusions. Blindfolds, unopened decks, and never even touching the cards – his repertoire is astounding and instantly generates conversation and amazement amongst your guests.


Every person is instantly taken in by Jack’s performance. Blending the facts of the evolution of magic with the fiction created by his sleight of hand, everyone around him is taken in by his skill and disarming manner. It’s the personable approach, polite and disarming personality that combines so well with his elaborate tricks to provide a unique performance.

Why not invite Jack Brister to your next corporate event? Stand out from the pack and give your guests something to talk about – with many of his own illusions never seen by anyone else, he’ll create a standout spectacle for all.


To enquire about Jack's availability for your event please follow the link below. Alternatively call us any time on:
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