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Christmas Parties


Christmas Parties

Unforgettable Christmas Memories

Bespoke Christmas Magic at Your Party

Make Your Party Stand Out FRom the Rest With Incredible Magic

The Christmas period is a time for spreading joy and laughterand there isn't a better way to do that than with magic. Seeing your co-workers faces light up as they witness the impossible right before their eyes!

Whether you are planning a intimate event for your top Executives or your annual Christmas party, you can be sure that magic is the perfect addition to your event. Jack has performed his magic at Christmas parties up and down the country for audiences of 5 all the way up to 500 and more. You can be sure we have the perfect magic for your event.

Thanks so much Jack – you were an absolute storm – the topic of conversation this morning for sure – brilliant.
— Ange Fox - Balloon Dog

As you can imagine, Christmas is a crazy time of year for Jack and he is always in extremely high demand. This of means that if you get Jack at your Christmas party this year you can be sure that your guests will be thanking you for years to come.

You know that organising a company Christmas party has advantages, from increasing morale to boosting social interaction. So, hosting a Christmas party is a no brainer and using Jack to entertain your team will at that added extra boost that your event needs.


Having worked for companies all over the world you can be safe in the knowledge that Jack is a consummate professional who will provide unrivalled entertainment at your event.

World-class close-up magic is the perfect addition to any Christmas party. 

Jack is able to create bespoke magical presentations to allow your guests to truly relax and get into that Christmas atmosphere.

We all like to enjoy ourselves at Christmas and magic is the perfect way to do that; without the alcohol and the regrets in the morning!

Jack will also be able to fuse relationships between your work colleagues to make sure they know each other better and work better as a team going into the new year. Your team will come to work completely refreshed and ready for everything the rest of the year and new year has to offer them.

4 Reason You Need Jack at Your Christmas Party:

1) Ignites Old Relationships

There's no doubt that over the course of a busy year people can get caught up in their work and forget about some of their co-workers. 

Using Jack as your entertainment you can be sure that the interactive nature of his performance style will re-ignite those relationships.

2) Team Building

New people are always coming into the office, certainly in a growing business. When everyone is busy it can be hard to find the time to nurture those relationships. 

That's why the interactive nature of Jack's performance means you can be sure that people that weren't talking before will become best friends by the end of the evening.

3) Boosts Morale

You've had a tough year and it can really grind away at you as the year progresses, it can be hard to maintain a strong morale in your staff while also getting the job done.

Allowing your staff to genuinely relax and enjoy the company of one another they will be able to create deeper more meaningful relationships that lead to higher morale as your team is now working more cohesively as a team to achieve their goals.

4) A Wonderful Reward

Your team and staff have worked hard this year and they deserve a break. Not only do they deserve a break, they deserve some entertainment that they can genuinely enjoy and love. 

The beauty of Jack's performance is that your team feel special throughout their interactions with Jack and will feel like you have treated them to something truly unique.

This is not something that your team will be talking about just on the evening either, it will be something they will talk about for the weeks and months to come. By booking Jack to be at your Christmas party you are ensuring that your team are bonding way beyond the evening and always giving them something to talk about. Your team will work better when they have mutual things, outside of work, to talk about. Give them that gift today.


To enquire about Jack's availability for your event please follow the link below. Alternatively call us any time on:
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