Do a 'No Kid' policy at a wedding actually work?

Whether you love them or hate them, people have them. Kids. You could just have a no kid wedding day. Ban them entirely. 

This would solve the immediate problem if you are no a kid lover. This does however create a different problem. Those that have got kids have to think about their kids. They have to get babysitters, they may need to leave early, they may only be able to be there for a certain amount of time, all of these things become issues for them.

This isn't great if they are, a bridesmaid, for example. You want the immediate friends and family to be part of the entire day, not having to constantly shoot off home to check up on the kids.

The best way to avoid this issue would be to only allow kids of the immediate family and wedding party. This would mean those who are closest to you can be with you all day. This does create a different issue though. 

You don't want those who have no been allowed their kids to get offended. 

There is no easy way round the problem. I've found that the best way to work it is to either say 'kids welcome' or 'no kids at all'. Most people can source a babysitter for the day if needed.

I cannot advice as to whether you should have kids or not a your wedding. That is a very personal thing. All I can say is after attending hundreds weddings over the years, The ones that tend to work best are the ones that stick to the schedule as closely as possible. 

Kids can get in the way of that happening. That's not a bad thing, you just have to be aware that weddings can get start to lose structure when kids are about.

All the best,