2 very quick lists this week

This weeks blog is a short one really. Due to a busy schedule I haven't been able to provide you with a full blog post this week as I would normally do. However, I'm still committed to putting out quality content for you to consume. This week I've put together a very short list of some dos and don'ts for your wedding day. In a future post I may well expand upon each of these lists to provide more depth to each point that I make here, however I haven't had the time this week.


  • Let your parents help you
  • Listen to other people
  • Listen to your professionals, they are professionals after all
  • Set a budget
  • Stick to the budget!
  • Wear waterproof mascara
  • Eat on your wedding day
  • Enjoy yourself


  • Be a Bridezilla
  • Let your parents overrule you
  • Compare your wedding to others
  • Be a jealous bride
  • Spend too much time on your phone on the day
  • Ban phones entirely
  • Go crazy with the makeup
  • Worry about anything on your day

That's it. Like I said, short and sweet. I hope you've got something from this quick post.

All the best,