Make an Overwhelming Task Simpler

With so many different ways to find entertainment for your wedding these days it can be an impossible mountain to begin climbing.

There are so many places you could go to find entertainment. There are 7 key ways to find entertainment for your wedding day. I will run you through the advantages and disadvantages of each one now:


1) Other Wedding

Got to be the single best way to find entertainment. If you attend a wedding and you see the exact entertainment you are looking for, or maybe something you hadn't even considered, this is the perfect way to see how they do at a real life wedding.

If you've thought about a certain type of entertainment but you weren't quite sure how it might fit into the day, this is the ideal time to see how they've fitted into this wedding.

I find this happens for me a lot. Most people don't even consider having a magician at a wedding until they've actually seen one. Once they've seen one and see how it can fit into someone else's day they want one at theirs. You can use this other wedding as a testing ground for your wedding. If you like the entertainment there then you know that it would be a great addition to your wedding. However, if it's not to your taste then you can just avoid it!

The only issue with this is that while that is all well and good for things like Photobooths as there isn't a huge amount of variety. When it comes to personality based entertainment, such as a magician, a pianist, a band, pretty much anything that involves human interaction, there is so much variety in the styles that it could be remiss to dismiss all magicians because you saw one that didn't fit into the style of your wedding.

2) Recommendation

A fantastic way to find your entertainment. Got to be the second best way to find your entertainment after actually seeing them at a wedding. Someone has seen this entertainment before and knows it's good quality. In fact they think it's so good, they are prepared to recommend them to you. 

That is high praise indeed. You could argue that praise doesn't come much higher, after all they are recommending someone to come and be part of the most important day of your life. That's kind of a big deal.

3) Wedding Fair

You will notice a theme with all my favourite forms of finding entertainment. Either actually meeting them, or knowing someone who has. With such wide variety it can be hard to even know where to start and that's why Wedding Fairs are great.

It a chance for all the best wedding suppliers to gather in one place and showcase their services for you. As I am writing this blog I am beginning to realise this list applies to almost all types of wedding suppliers. After all, your wedding is such a special day, you really need to make sure that you get everything in place. 

If you go to a wedding fair you will also notice that a lot of the suppliers know each other. That's exactly what you want. If they are friends and you hire them, you can be sure that your wedding day is going to be something incredible. You will know that they work well together and they get on. That's the beauty of a wedding fair. You can see how the suppliers interact with each other when they are 'off duty' so to speak. 

Lin and Paul's Wedding 9.jpg

4) Other Suppliers

If you've got a photographer booked, a venue sorted, they both meet hundreds of entertainers every year. They will have seen it all. They will have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. They will be more than happy to offer up their list of trusted suppliers if you asked them to. 

Ultimately they are there to make your wedding day perfect. If you ask them for some advice they will bend over backwards for, especially if you book quality suppliers.

5) Social Media

The reason an entertainer will pop up on your social media will usually be because one of your friends knows them or have seen them perform before. If that's the case then you can be pretty sure they thought they were good if they are interacting with that entertainers content. 

Just drop them a message and ask them. It's that simple.

6) Agency

Most agencies will vet their entertainers prior to putting them on the books so you can be pretty sure of the quality of the entertainer. This tends to be more the case the smaller the agency is. Because the agency is small logic would dictate that they are more picky about their entertainers. So if you are going through an agent make sure you've either worked with them before, or they are relatively small.

The other advantage of an agency is that most of the performers, certainly in smaller agencies, have worked together before. This is great if you are planning on having multiple forms of entertainment throughout the day. 

The main disadavantage of going through an agency is the additional costs involved. While their is no set 'agency rate' you can expect to pay anywhere from 10%-25% or even more on top of the performers fee when going through an agent. Now this is fine if you like the idea of having everything sorted for you. You wouldn't have to deal with sourcing, paying, contracts or anything. The agent does everything. That's what you're paying extra for. 

Agencies are certainly worth looking into if you are looking at having tonnes of entertainment at your wedding. It can really take a massive headache away.

7) Google

That's right, good old Google. This is obviously filled with advantages, namely the ease of such an approach. You can just Google '[Entertainment] [Location]' and you will find someone who can do the job.

The issues with Google lies in the ability to trick the system. To appear at the top of Google doesn't make them very good entertainers, it makes them good at playing the Google game. This also doesn't mean that said entertainer covers your area. 

I know of some entertainers that will take gigs in areas they don't cover, not tell you and then send someone else to do the job. Not really what you want when you are planning the most important day of your life.

All the best,