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Planning a wedding can be tough enough without having to think about your guests.

Your guests need to be thought about too. Otherwise they will be left thinking your wedding could have been better. Sadly, just because it's your day isn't always enough for them. 

There are some things you can do to ensure that your guests leave your day thinking it was the best wedding they've ever attended.

1) Plenty of Drink

There is of course a fine line you need to tread. You can't provide so much that they are all plastered by the breakfast. Equally you don't want to skimp out too much. 

If you can provide an open bar that would be great, however, that's not always an option. You need to provide plenty of drink because the price of drink at some venues can be excessive. They tend to make the pre-bought drink cheaper. 

I hear plenty of people complain about the price of drink at weddings so if you can make it slightly easier on them then they will appreciate it.

2) Plenty of Entertainment

There are so many lulls in the day for a guest that isn't a direct family member. From the photos, to after the breakfast, you need to keep your guests entertained. 

If they switch off then that's it. You may well loose them for the rest of the day. Keeping them engaged with entertainment (a magician maybe?) can really add a lot and keep them talking about your wedding for years to come.

3) Well Laid Out Table Plans

You should know who knows who and pair them off that way. The one thing you want to avoid accidently pairing people who don't get on that well. It can be easily done so if you could avoid that, everyone would be hugely appreciative.

All the best,