Avoid Being A Bridezilla With People's Phones!

You want to strike the balance between people being on their phone and them enjoying your day. You don't want to dictate to people when they can and when they can't look at their phones, however, you do want to make sure they get maximum value from your day.

This blog post is by no means a perfect list. Each wedding is different and what might work for one couple may not work for another. 

I have done my best to compile a short guide to help you navigate your way through your wedding during this modern age of technology.

During the Ceremony

I would always recommend having the officiator make an announcement prior to the ceremony beginning just asking for phones to be switched off. I would also ask anyone welcoming people into the room to mention the same thing.

The reason for this is 2 fold.

1) It's rude. The last thing you want is to have everyone on their phones, especially if you're getting married in a church. It's a perfect opportunity to meet some of the guests and catchup with old friends. Why would you want to be on your phone when you could be reacquainting yourself with people you haven't met in years.

2) This is quite possibly the most important part of the wedding day. People will want to take photos. I would always encourage you to steer people away from that. You've paid a photographer thousands to be there to take the most amazing photos. The last thing you want is for your special moments to be ruined by a selfie stick getting in the way. 

After the Ceremony

This is where things become a little more challenging, especially if you have a large party. Everyone is now off doing their own thing and that's fine. Everyone will want their own pictures taking. That's the beauty of phones these days. 

However, you don't want people having their phones out all day and not taking in the day while they're there. There are some simple tips to ensure that this doesn't happen. 

Having said that, you also want to make sure there is a place where you can view all the images taken by you're friends. 

The struggle with this lies in the fact that everyone is different and you won't know everyone as well as everyone else. 

The best way round this is create a wedding hashtag. 

A wedding hashtag is simply a hashtag that your friends will use when posting images in different social media platforms. 

When coming up with a wedding hashtag you need to make sure it's unique. That way you won't get mixed up with other people's photos! You can come up with some smart and witty hashtag that's relevant to both of you. That's not always easy though. 

If one of you have got a really random surname then you've got some instant ideas there. If you are struggling to come up with one, I can highly recommend checking out this website. It will generate some hashtags based of your names:


Ruth and Jons Wedding 1.JPG

The question then becomes, how do you use it effectively? And make sure people use it.

I'm afraid I have no clever, special way for you here. The best advice I can give is to have a sign up letting people know that it's there and to use it. It's important this board also reminds people to enjoy the day and not to spend all day on their phone.

You can also get little slips printed to put on each placemat for people to have when they sit down. 

That's all great but "what about Snapchat?!" I hear you cry! Well, cry no more. If you have enquired with me you will be aware that I offer bespoke Snapchat filters for wedding days. This is great to creating special memories for your day. 

Of course you can save your snaps and upload them to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. But you can now create a story just for those at your wedding. 

This is a crazy new feature and it's super simple to set up. When you get to the venue for the reception just take a quick Snap and go to add it to your story. You will then notice a little bit of blue text in the top right of the screen that says "+ Create Story". 

If you check that button it will allow you to create a story just for you and your friends to add to. You add a Geofilter that essentially limits people to only being able to view this story in that area. If you are out of that area then you won't see it.

You can also adjust who can see these snaps and who can add to this story. It's all quite simple but I am more than happy to help you when you get to reception to set this up correctly.

I hope that's helped. I think it's hard to enforce a 'no phone' rule at a wedding. People are so busy doing so many different things that it's impossible to keep track. Instead if you can use it to your advantage you can create something really special for your wedding day.

All the best,