You don't want to be like that 73% do you?!

Heaven forbid you should look back on your wedding day and wish you'd done something differently. 

Fortunately, this blog post is here to save you. 

Bride Magazine did a survey of brides to ask if they had any regrets about their wedding day. There was one thing that really stood out as being their biggest regret.

Brides wished they'd spent more money on the entertainment.

Bride Magazine found that 73% of brides regretted not spending enough money on the entertainment. I feel there are 2 main reasons for this. They either had:


1. Bad Entertainment

This is almost certainly the case when it comes to not spending enough money on entertainment, you will get bad quality entertainment. People will very rarely remember much about a wedding a year on. The things that they do tend to remember are the venue, the food and the entertainment. That's why you want to ensure that your entertainment is of the highest possible standard. 

If you hire average to poor quality entertainment then you run the risk of your guests remembering your wedding day as 'the one with that bad entertainer'. The last thing you want is for people to remember your wedding day as anything other than perfect.

Investing in good quality entertainment can really mean the difference between a wedding you and your guests will remember forever as the perfect day, or the day that was ruined by the poor quality entertainment.


2. Not Enough Entertainment

So, you've found good quality entertainment, the next question is, do you have enough of it?

You've probably thought of the band or the DJ for the evening but do you have anything else planned throughout the day? Most brides tend to forget about these things and will allow their guests to make their own entertainment. Really though, how long can you expect someone to make polite small talk for? 

I've only been a guest at a wedding a handful of times as I tend to be working, but when I have been a guest I've found that people, certainly those who don't know many other people, quickly begin to feel slightly isolated from the whole event. I'm pretty sure that you didn't decide to organise a wedding based on who will feel like they are alone on your wedding day?

The day is, usually, longer than the evening, however, brides rarely consider putting entertainment on during the day as it'll allow people to talk. While this is true, I'd also argue that after a short period of conversation the mood of the day can flatten too.

Imagine this, you've just got married, everyone is really happy and excited. You go off and have your photos taken and everyone else goes '.... Well, what are we going to do for two hours...?'. It can really bring the mood of the whole day down unless you put entertainment in that can help keep that mood lifted and high energy that will ensure your guests don't end up bored.


How can you avoid this?

There are some simple tips to help you avoid both of these points. 

To avoid bad entertainment you can:

  • Check their website to ensure they look professional
  • View their quotes and reviews to see what other brides say about them
  • See if you can see any video footage from an event
  • See if they have images of happy smiley faces
  • After you enquire, make sure you like the way they deal with you and your enquiry
  • Make sure they make things easy for you throughout your enquiry process
  • If you can meet them/get on the phone/Skype them. Do it. It gives you a chance to see what they are like as a person

To make sure you have enough entertainment you can:

  • Think about the 4 key parts of the day (after the ceremony):
    • The Drinks Reception
    • The Breakfast
    • The bit after the Breakfast and before the evening
    • The Evening Reception
  • Are each of those times covered for entertainment?
  • What kind of entertainment do you want?
    • Something that doesn't take up much room?
    • Something that can be easily moved?
    • Something that creates a lasting impression?
    • Something that will create some special photos to remember the day by?
    • Something that will add to the magical atmosphere of the day?

If you can follow these simple bullet points then I think you may well be onto a winner and your guests will love your wedding day and remember for the rest of their lives.

All the best,