How to Book the Right Magician for your Event

This is always a hard one because my instinct is to say 'Always book me. I am always the right magician' but it's simply not true.

Let's take this example. I have 5 magician friends I meet on a regular basis. You would think we all do the same thing because we are all magicians. Well, out of the 6 of us, we have:

  1. A YouTube magician
  2. A balloon twister
  3. A stage mindreader
  4. A hypnotist
  5. A street performer

And then you have me, a close-up card magician. So, 6 magicians, none of us do the same thing. 

The Right Magician for you

If you are looking for someone to read your mind on stage, I'm not the magician for you. If you are looking for someone to promote your business on YouTube, again, I'm not the magician for you. If however, you are looking for elegant close-up card magic, I am the magician for you.

How do I know the right magician for me?

This is a tough question to answer but there are some ways to find out. First off, think about the overall feel of the event. Is it a white tie masquerade ball, or a rustic farm wedding? Both these events have very different feels to them and therefore require different magicians.

A masquerade ball may suit my style, while a rustic wedding would perhaps be better suited to someone who is usually a street performer. 

I realise how simple this sounds. The issue lies in finding out what kind of performer a magician is. Magicians are very sneaky and will try and make it seem like they work any kind of event. These are the entertainers you need to be wary of. They fit the 'Jack of all trades, master of none' category of performer. 

You may well think that that's not important but think about this. Let's say you have an important event coming up, perhaps your companies black tie Gala Dinner. Maybe some of your most important clients will be there. If you book someone you saw performing on the street then they will bring that style of performance to your event. 

That style tends to be very loud, brash and cheeky. What if the magician happened to make an inappropriate comment towards one of your clients and they were offended? That could spell the end of that relationship. It's not worth the risk.

Equally, if I was booked for a village fete, I would have no idea how to perform effectively. You are then wasting your money and that's the last thing you want.

How do I avoid booking the wrong magician?

There is an easy way to achieve this. Ask the magician the usual events he performs at. This will mean that before you've told them anything, they have to tell you the truth. If they say 'all kinds of events' perhaps they aren't the right magician for you.

Even if your event doesn't directly fit in with what they say they will probably let you know if their style will work for your event. 

There are thousands of variations of magic, make sure you can marry your event and entertainment the two together successfully.

As always, I'm here to answer any questions you may have.


All the best,