Don't become overwhelmed without having any time!

I get it, you're a busy person and you will do anything to save yourself some time when it comes to planning your wedding. The problem is, it can seem impossible at times to save the only thing you can never get back: time.

In this post I share 4 tips that can save you plenty of time to ensure you can relax ahead of your special day.

1) A wedding website

This is quite a new concept and hasn't been around too long however I think it can be a massive timesaver. Not just for you but for your guests too.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want your guests to feel the same way. Creating a wedding website can help make your wedding stand out from the rest.

You're probably wondering exactly how a website can save you time. Let me explain. With some software today you can have a very good website set up in as little as 1 hour! These work really well if you have a prenuptial photoshoot with your photographer as you can display all your wonderful photos for your guests to see.

Once you've got your website set up you can build a simple form to add onto the 'RSVP’ page. This will be where your guests can RSVP to your wedding day. Most form builders these days will allow you to sync up with Google to create a spreadsheet with everyone on it.

That's right, no more piles of invitations on your kitchen table just waiting to be lost! You can easily keep track of your guestlist on a spreadsheet. The best part is it's all automatic!

It also allows you, if you so choose, to do e-vites to your wedding instead of the traditionally posted invite. Of course that's not for everyone and it depends on your wedding but it certainly is an easy option to save a bit more time.

The wedding website has advantages post wedding day too. Of course your photos will go onto social media but not everyone is on social media. You could upload your photos to a secure page of your wedding website and send your guests there to view those unforgettable snaps from your big day.

2) Avoid Magazines

This may seem somewhat bizarre as your probably wondering where will you get your inspiration from? No, Pinterest was not going to be my suggestion!

The reason I warn against this is because they are very good at doing there job, making you go 'ooooo, I like that, I need that’ and before you know it you've spend way over budget.

This can become a time killer because you'll spend unnecessary time looking at things that you either don't want or already have sorted.

My advice to avoid this would be to go to wedding fairs. This way you get to see things in person and what they are actually like. It also means you can speak to an actual person who specialises in weddings just like yours. They can help you will budgets and offer their advice on your wedding day.

3) Delegate

This is key. Much like I mentioned in point 2 speaking to an actual person is really important. If you really want to save time however, you need to have a wedding planner! They are professionals at saving your time and creating the perfect wedding day!

Finding a quality wedding planner isn't easy and the best thing I can advise you do is either ask your friends who are already married if they already had a wedding planner. The alternative is to ask the suppliers you've already hired if they can recommend one. The chances are, they will have worked with one in the past and will be able to point you in the direction of a quality planner.

4) use technology

Of course if you are already heading the advice of step one you are utilising technology but I want to take it a stage further. Using apps can be really useful. There are plenty of apps out there that will help you plan your wedding day but I really recommend this one:

I've had my brides use this in the past with great success so I can highly recommend it to you as I know it works and is very useful and it can combines point 1 too!

There are others out there and I would also recommend getting a to do list app such as '’ to streamline your wedding planning even further.

That's about it. I think we've covered 4 of my favourite ways to save time when it comes to planning a wedding.

I hope you found it useful and you can implement some of these in your planning process.

All the best,