You want the best, 'award-winning' makes sense, or does it?

That's the topic for this weeks discussion. 

In my opinion, awards are all they are cracked up to be. It is the reason I don't tend to enter competitions. Let's take magicians as the example here.

Just because someone's won an award doesn't mean they are a good magician. It means they were the best magician at that event. They are not competing against every single other magician, rather just a handful of them. Maybe they win the local magic clubs competition. You might think that means they are the best in the local area.

That's not the case. In my local area the 3 best magicians in the local club have never entered the competition. That doesn't mean the person who wins is better than them. It just means they didn't enter.

That makes sense but what about those big wedding awards? Surely they've got to be real right? When you look, they might not be all they are cracked up to be. 

Let's take the one that's been taking the wedding industry by storm over the last few years. They are The Wedding Industry Awards. 


They pit suppliers against each other, in categories, first in the local area and then those winners compete for the national prize. Of course, the first issue that arises stems from my previous comment about not entering. 

The second issue, for me, comes when you look at how a supplier enters. They have to pay a £70 entry fee. My issue with this arises when you then find out that some categories only have one entrant. Therefore they win by default. Essentially they have paid for an award. Doesn't sound fair does it?

This is because they have so many categories. They have so many categories because they are ultimately run by profit. They more categories, the more people think they have the perfect category for them so enter. 

I would always be cautious of anyone who's won an award they have to pay to enter. If the awards are prepared to take your money to enter, who's to say if you give them a little more they won't look more favourably on you? You might think that the money is spent on some really good events for the suppliers or something. If that was the case this might be a different story, however, they aren't. You then have to spend more money on tickets to attend the ceremonies!

Their process of selection seems pretty fair. All brides have the chance to come forward and leave a rated review of the supplier. Once the shortlist is announced a judging panel then decide the regional winner, from there they go forward and through the same process for the national final.

That is pretty fair, I cannot deny that. The judges though, are from the wedding industry. The wedding industry isn't very big, it could be very easy for them to know some of the finalists. Therefore, it's easy for some leaning towards the supplier they know or like? They would perhaps be better having judges who were not in the industry, after all they are just reading through comments and making a decision, you don't need to be an industry expert for that!

There are of course many other types of awards that can be 'won' by entertainers. Because of the nature of our industry, all we have to do it win a local talent show and call ourselves 'award winning'.

So, just because they say they are 'award winning' doesn't mean they are award worthy. If you really want an award winning magician, make sure you ask them what they've won, it could be very telling. I would personally just use entertainment that you like the look of. When you get on the phone with them, make sure you get on and then that would be my choice. Don't worry about award winning or 'the very best around', go with your gut. It'll do wonders for your event.

All the best,