If people have seen them before, will it still work?

This question comes up a lot at this time of year as my existing clients begin to plan their Christmas parties. They want to know if I can be part of their Christmas party entertainment but they are concerned that guests will have seen me before and therefore will know what to expect. So, can magic be seen more than once?

The simple answer is yes. Let me explain why.

Being concerned about your guests enjoyment is a valid issue but it's not something that you should need to worry about. 

I can only talk from my experience as a professional magician but I have multiple different 'sets' that I can perform. Essentially this means that when someone books me for a second or third time I can perform completely different effects. 

Alternatively you could book something different. I while I don't mention it much on my website I do offer a show that can be performed for the party. This show can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and contains none of the effects you will see in my close-up performances.

Both of these remove any issues with guests possibly knowing that something is coming or seeing the effect before.

I also think that I am trying to create a magical event, with a magical atmosphere and I want to cultivate a magical experience for your guests.

Basically that means the individual effects aren't as important as the overall experience being created. Over time people will forget the effects that were performed but they will remember how the magic made them feel. That is far more important in my opinion because that's something they can associate to your event.

I hope that makes some sense. In essence there are 3 reasons you don't need to worry about hiring a magician more than once.

For a start they should have another set of tricks they can bring to your event, or you could book a different style of performance. The final reason lies in the fact that people tend to forget the individual effects but instead remember the feeling and the atmosphere created by the magic being there.

It's a short one this week but I knew it was important to mention now as it's a popular time of year for rebookings.

All the best,