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Wedding Planning Is Hard Work

As a wedding professional it can be hard to advise people about their weddings. They tend to have a very set way they want to have things done, especially if they've been planning it since they were a kid! This article has been written to hopefully help you avoid some pit falls that brides fall into.

Having performed at many weddings and also attended a couple as a guest, I like to think I've seen a lot in my time. I've also had the opportunity to ask many brides what they liked about their day and also what they didn't like.

Of course there are some common themes between many brides and I want to run you through 7 things most Brides wish they knew before their wedding day.

1) Just because you saw it on Pinterest doesn't mean it'll work on your day

There are so many 'perfect wedding photos' on Pinterest. They look great. The issue comes from the fact that you will want that shot at your wedding. It may just not work. You can't expect the photographer to do the impossible. If you are asking them to recreate a certain image you love, ask them before the day. If they need special equipment then they can prepare that. Equally, if it's not possible, they can tell you that.

2) When you find a supplier you like, book them, before it's too late

Very rarely can a supplier be in more than one place at once. Once they are booked, that's it, too late. If you find a photographer you really get on with and you like their images, book them. Don't wait in case someone better comes along. They may not and by the time you get back to the original photographer they may be booked up. I see it happen all the time. 

3) No wedding has ever run perfectly

You can plan every second of your wedding day but I can assure you that it won't run that way. I've never been to a wedding where it has run perfectly. There have always been minor issues or hiccups along the way. That's perfectly fine. Just make sure you plan for those things to happen.


4) Keep the toasts short and sweet

No one likes a toast that goes on for 20 minutes. Keep them between 3 and 5 minutes in length and you will be golden.

5) Don't emulate, create

This harks back to point 1. Don' just copy someone else's wedding. Create something that is special to you and your partner. Don't force something that isn't very 'you' into your day just because you liked it on Instagram. Keep your day yours.

6) Don't just book the cheapest supplier

There's a reason they are the cheapest, do you really want to find out why?

7) We are here to help

Wedding Suppliers do this every day, we live and breath weddings. We've seen it all and we are more than happy to part with out wisdom. You just have to ask.

All the best,