What does a Gala Dinner Magician do?

Well, there are a variety of Gala Dinner Magicians, all do very different things. You could have:

A Mix and Mingle Magician

This style of magician will typically wander around small groups of people during the drinks reception. This allows them to break the ice and get people talking who perhaps may have been struggling to converse after they have discussed the weather! This magician is perfect if you are holding a Gala Dinner as part of a larger conference where the delegates may not know each other that well. This will also give them something to talk about prior to the guests taking their seats for the meal.

A Table Magician

This is where the table magician comes in. This style of magician will go from table to table entertaining them with a mini show. Traditionally this magician will provide entertainment in between courses. This is great because it can really shorten the wait people experience, certainly if they are one of the last tables to be served. A table magician can reduce those rumbling stomachs as they take the attention from the wait for food and onto entertainment. Typically a table magician would spend 5-10 minutes with a table until they move onto the next one. This gives the table plenty of time to discuss what's just happened for the rest of the wait.

A Stage Magician

This style of magician is very different from the other two. Typically performing post dinner this type of magician will entertain the entire room at once. A show that lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour most professionals will have the perfect show for you. What's even better is that some of these guys will be able to incorporate any specific messages or themes into their performances.

So are they worth it?

I know I haven't answered this question yet. Of course I am slightly biased but I would say yes but let me explain why.

If booking one of the close-up options, they don't take up much room, nor do they require much set-up. Most magicians will be able to turn up and go. This is a wonderful advantage to you because you don't need to stress about whether there is enough space for them or they've got enough time to set up and get ready. 

When it comes to stage magicians, there are so many different styles of stage magic. For example, an illusion show can create a real spectacle and feast for the eyes as they fill the whole stage with wonderful illusions and spectacular stunts. The evident issue is that these take up a lot of space and require huge set-up and take-down time.

If you wanted a cabaret magician these performers can often fit their act into a briefcase, or a single suitcase. They will provide you with incredible magic that doesn't require the set up time of an illusion show.

You will usually find that a table magician can also perform mix and mingle and will often try and sell them both together. This is a great option because it will allow the ice to be broken before the dinner begins and then reduce that feeling of having to wait among the guests during the meal.

I would however be weary of a magician who claims to be both a stage performer as well as a close-up performer. While many of these guys are great, there are some who struggle with one more than the other. It's part of the reason you will not find anywhere on my website any reference to stage performing. This is because I know that my expertise lies in close-up magic and I'd rather provide you with the best possible close-up magician rather than a standard stage magician.

Like I said, this is not a blanket statement and some are very competent at both. It's worth checking out showreels to see how they interact with both close-up and stage performances.

I think a magician can really add to your Gala Dinner, as long as you do it right. As always, if you are currently in the market for a Close-Up Gala Dinner magician then I would be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary quote, just fill out the form on my 'Availability' page or call me on 0800 612 2569.


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