Will Yours Be The Best Wedding Ever?

So many weddings come and go every year and every year I hear the same thing: 'this is such a good idea, so much better than the last wedding we were at'.

Those people are making reference to having magic at a wedding. The issue is, not enough people think about their wedding entertainment early enough to make sure they get what they want.

All Brides think their wedding day was the best wedding day, ever. That's because it's their day! They are slightly biased in that sense. The problem with that is they assume everyone else will love it because it's their big day too. 

That's not the case and this kind of thinking is what can lead to your wedding day becoming forgettable. We are here to avoid that happening. 

Entertainment is such a key part of the wedding day, however, it's not the first think brides think of. They think of the venue, the dress and the photographer (all of which are very important). I always say that people will remember 2 things:

  1. The Food
  2. The Entertainment

That's it. Sometimes the dress, maybe the venue if it's really nice but on the whole that's it. I'd argue that the things people are going to remember are some of the most important things to think about. 

Some venues deal with the food. If they do, then make sure that that is a consideration when choosing the venue because people are more like to remember that than the venue itself. 

Once you've got that and you know the style of your wedding you can think about the entertainment. 

If you're having a high-end, luxury feel to the day you need entertainment that reflects that style. 

If, however, you're having a barn with hay bails to sit on you'll need entertainment to fit that too. 

The entertainment for your wedding day really needs to be something that's thought about early on in the planning process (perhaps I'll talk about that in detail in another post) because it will mean you will end up with the entertainment that people will remember on your big day that is most relevant to your big day.

When you are thinking about how your wedding day will be remembered you also need to consider the things you will look back on to remember your big day. Yes, I'm talking about those photographs. They are vitally important to your big day and how it will be remembered. 

You need to make sure that you find someone that will capture your style and passion. Some photographers are very good at capturing black and white shots, others can create incredibly dramatic evening shots. You also need to think about how they edit their images. Do you want a very natural look to your images, you do want them to look the best they possibly can? 

These are all considerations you need to think about when you think about how your wedding day is going to be remembered.

All the best,