Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

We've all heard this expression, yes? It's something that I think rings true for many people because they may have bought a cheap pair of jeans in the past, only for them to last about 5 weeks before they're back in the shops buying the expensive pair they wanted in the first place but convinced themselves out of because 'it's too much money', or 'those other ones are half the price and look similar'.

I know I've done this before. In fact I keep doing it with different things all the time! I think we keep doing it because we think 'it won't be the same with this thing' or 'an umbrella is an umbrella, no matter how much you spend on it'.

If you've ever uttered those words when you are caught out in the rain before, you will indeed know that an umbrella most certainly is NOT an umbrella! You buy the cheap umbrella from the man on the corner of the street because the heavens have just opened and before you've got to the other side of the street the umbrella is already the other way out and acting as a funnel to ensure that the rain ends up all over you!

We all know this but What's it got to do with Magic?

You could spend £350 on a magician and think 'great, we've got a cracking bargain, magic is just magic, right?'

Famous last words! As with the previous analogy, magic is NOT just magic!

That £350 magician, like the umbrella purchase, is a great impulse purchase. You needed it right there and then, but as soon as you turn your back that £350 magician will be trying to squeeze in a second or maybe even a third event into that day. Would you want that from the entertainment? 

How can they focus on your event if they are trying to work out what time they need to leave in order to ensure they are at the next event in time?

Whenever you receive a quote from a magician you need to think to yourself 'why are they charging that much?' Especially when you can compare that quote to other quotes you may have received from other magicians.

One magician may be charging £125, another £350, another £750 and another £2,000. 

With such a wide variety of prices you have to agree that magic is not just magic? You have same in any industry. Sticking with the umbrella analogy, you could spend £2 on that umbrella from the man on the street corner or £300 on a James Smith & Sons umbrella. 

If you can see the value in a £300 umbrella you would buy one every time. The same goes for magicians. 

If you book the £2,000 magician, first of all you can be pretty sure they won't be desperate to run off to another gig on that day! Added onto that, everyone will remember that your event was the best they've ever been to, all because you saw the value in paying for the quality magician. You know that there is a reason they are charging £2,000, or else they would be at the same price at the £125 magician. 

Granted, price is not a guaranteed measure of success, you should also ensure that they are the type of performer who will fit into your event. Perhaps this topic will make its way into its own blog post at some point in the future.

Thanks for the ramble, but what's 'Buy Cheap, Buy Twice' got to do with this?

The reason that phrase is important in this instance is because you may not have the option to 'buy twice'. If it's your wedding day, you only ever have one of those. You want to make it count!

If you are organising a big Gala Dinner, or perhaps a Christmas Party for your company if you mess up the entertainment it will be you who has to answer to the boss on Monday morning! Can you really afford to run that risk? 

All I'm saying is, consider why a magician is charging £350 before you go ahead and book him!

I think that just about sums up this weeks post. As always, let me know what you thought in the comments and remember: An umbrella is not always an umbrella!


All the best,