The more you spend the better the jewellery.

That's the simple rule to follow when buying shiny things but does that apply to booking entertainment too?

While it isn't always the case, the vast majority of the time I'd say that the more you spend on entertainment, the better the entertainer.

This does not always mean in terms of entertainment value. I think once you hit a certain price point there isn't much more one could add to the performance to create a stronger sense of entertainment. There are however some key factors that make your entertainment worth the extra money.

1) Clientele

This may seem obvious but I think it is worth pointing out. People who buy their watches from Argos would never be seen in a Patek Philippe Salon. This applies to entertainment too. Someone who regularly works for thousands of pounds a night is used to entertaining a certain type of clientele and working for people who are used to a certain style of entertainment. So when you are looking for the highest calibre of entertainment you know that if they command high fees they are used to entertaining people who can pay that high fee.

2) Discretion

When you are looking for entertainment you may be looking for someone who doesn't make a fuss about everything. Someone who can do the job and ensure that your guests get maximum value from your event without compromising their enjoyment of the evening. You may wish to invoke a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to make sure that your guests really enjoy themselves but you will also tend to find that if you pay more for your entertainment they will not be running around trying to get a picture with everyone. This relates back to my first point because this is their usual clientele they do not feel the need to brag about their performances on social media, you know that they can get on with their job and really blow your guests away without having them feel like they're 'under-attack'.

3) Lifestyle

Someone who charges more money undoubtedly lives a slightly more relatable lifestyle than perhaps those charging a few hundred. So you will end up with someone who is able to fit into your event with ease. If you receive a quote from someone who charges more money you wouldn't expect them to turn up in a £100 suit from Next that doesn't fit them right. They would be well turned out and would fit into an event with the wealthiest of individuals.

4) Experience

This will become evident if you compare two wide ranging prices. A higher price almost always relates to more experience. If they didn't have the experience they wouldn't be able to sustain a business at those prices. You also want to ensure that your magician is a full time magician. If they aren't then they can charge what they like with any amount of experience because they don't need to think about paying the bills with magic alone.

5) By the Hour

Does the entertainment charge by the hour or by the value added to your event? There's a big difference. If they are charging purely by the hour then they are valuing their time at that price and nothing else. If however, their quote includes more than just their time then you should take that into consideration as they are valuing what they can add to your event rather than the amount of time they are there. What is more important to you, the amount of time they are there or what value they add to your event?

As always, a cheeky bonus, extra one!

6) Research

The number 1 best way to ensure you get the appropriate combination of price and quality is to ask around. Have any friends hired a magician before? A huge percentage of my work comes through recommendation or from people who have seen me at events before. I believe that's the case because they know what they are getting and are prepared to pay to have that quality at their event. If you stumbled across most magicians on the internet then it can become quite hard to work out which one to go with as most will look the same. However, if you've seen them perform or work in the past, or a friend has, then you know how good they are and if they are worth it.

I hope this has given you some food for thought when planning your next event. Be sure to ask a few magicians what makes them different and why you should book them over another one. That way you can choose the one that appeals most to you.

All the best,