Getting in there early has its advantages. 

I know we are currently in August and you probably think I've lost my marbles for even mentioning it but the earlier you get things sorted, the better. Trust me!

I've been booking Christmas events since March and been thinking about it since January! 

Christmas parties are a real chance to show your employees that you care. It's your chance to make them feel special. If you're team has worked hard, they deserve to be rewarded. The Christmas Party achieves exactly that. It's a chance to let them relax and have a great night, organised by the best company in the world!

You do need to get in their early though. Here's 4 reasons why:

1) venues get booked up

There is only so much space in the local area that can hold a Christmas party. While some companies have the ability to hold their parties on site (I've been to a few in my time), I'd say that if you really want your employees to feel special you should hire out a room in a hotel for the evening (or afternoon if you're doing a lunchtime Christmas Party, as many companies do these days).

It shows your teams that you do care about them and you appreciate their time and commitment to the company. It's the little things that make a big difference and keep people working for you for many years to come.

2) entertainers get booked up

I'm already pretty busy for the Christmas season, and it's only August. The majority of Christmas bookings don't come in until September. I can see that I will have to let some companies down (as I have to every year) because I'm already booked. 

While I'm not the only entertainer around, the most of the best ones do get booked up early because people know they will be in high demand. Your staff have worked so hard over the last year, they deserve to be treated to something a little bit special.

3) People Usually only remember the food and the funny

Related to both point 1 and 2, I say this all the time. People tend to remember 2 things, the food and the funny. You can spend loads of money on all the decorations and yet, when it comes down to it, people don't usually remember that. Very rarely are they talking about it the next day.

The things they will be talking about is the food and the entertainment. If you get in early then people will appreciate the quality food from a quality venue, or, if you're holding it on site, a quality caterer. Equally, if you are able to secure a quality entertainer to come and give people something to talk about then your employees will be talking about that event for the months and years to come.

4) Build those Relationships

We all know that businesses are built on relationships. Your employees need to get on, or else they won't bother staying with you. Getting your Christmas party sorted early shows them that you care and they are special. 

Because you were able to sort it out early, you are able to secure everything to show your employees how much you care.

There are many more advantages to organising your Christmas Party early and maybe I'll go into them in a future blog post but for now, I hope you enjoyed this one.

All the best,