Make Your Day Memorable

You want your guests to remember your day over and above everyone else's, right? It's so hard when there are so many weddings someone will attend how will you make yours stand out?

Here is a list of things that your guests really won't remember. That doesn't mean you don't need them, it just means you shouldn't worry so much about them. If they really matter to you, then go ahead and think about them but you don't need to.

  1. The table decoration - If they are too big they will become a nuisance 
  2. Wedding favours - Most of them will be left at the wedding
  3. Pudding AND cake - Really just pick one and stick with it
  4. Invitations - They won't be kept so don't worry about them
  5. The wedding dress - Yes it's important but they will just remember you looked great, not where it was from
  6. Order of Service - Everyone knows the basic outline of wedding so won't be looking at it
  7. The flowers - I've never met someone who said 'they had great flowers at that wedding'
  8. The seating plan - you're going to sit people next to their friends so why not let them do it?

Some of these things could save you money, others will just save you time. Either way, I hope it's help.

All the best,