There are so many decisions. Where do you start?

When you buy a car what are the criteria it needs to meet? Does it just need to be functional? Or do you want it to convey a sense of prestige?

I think most people, when looking for a car are looking for that prestige value. That's probably why most people get the best possible car they can. They want to feel special. 

When you are torn between an Ford and a Mercedes most people would go with the Mercedes because it has that added prestige value that the Ford brand is lacking. That's not to say Ford is a bad brand, far from it but it just doesn't have the same allure as a Mercedes.

I would say that booking suppliers for an event is a similar process. Let's say you're looking at booking a magician. Now, you could go ahead and book 'a magician' and I'm sure they'd do a good job. The question is though, does that magician give you that fuzzy feeling you get when you drive a Mercedes? Probably not. 

There is nothing particularly special about that magician. They just happened to be the magician you booked. 

If you want the same feeling you get from the Mercedes then you need to look beyond the magic. The magic is almost like the function of the car. It's the bit that gets you from A-B. Almost all cars do that. The same applies to magic.

The magic is the bare bones you expect from a magician and most of them are able to provide that. Some cannot and that is usually reflected in their price, the same as a car.

The reason you buy a Mercedes is that special feeling you get that you can't quite put your finger on when you drive it.

Magicians are the same. I would always recommend booking that magician that takes your event to the next level and you can't quite put your finger on why. The magician that will add that prestige value to your event that you wouldn't otherwise have if he wasn't there. 

Now of course, this applies to all suppliers for your event, from the florist, to the venue, to the food. You want something that's going to make you feel special. 

Would you rather say that you booked the room above the local fish and chip shop, or a room at The Hilton on Park Lane? Obviously this is an extreme example but I feel it makes sense. You would rather (if budget allows) go for The Hilton, right? It has that prestige value that you don't get from the room above the local fish and chip shop. The same applies to other suppliers too. 

Price is not always the best way to tell if the are going to give you that special feeling (although it's usually a pretty good indicator). Think about how you found out about that supplier, was it through a friend or Google? If it was through a friend then you can be pretty sure that that supplier will add that wow factor because they've been remembered from previous events.

Another good indicator is how their brand is laid out and how their website looks. Is their website easy to navigate? Easy to get in touch? Does it look like they do events like yours? Do they look like they might be able to provide that extra special feeling within their brand?

There are so many factors that play a role in hiring any supplier. You just have make sure you find the right one for you.

All the best,