Thinking about proposing?

You've met the one and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. That's amazing. Congratulations. There are so many people that never find 'the one'. You are incredibly lucky.

The next thing is finding an special and unique way to propose to them. They are special and you want to make sure they know it. 

Before I list 3 different and unique proposal ideas, you need to keep in mind that you need to keep them in mind. Make sure it's something they are going to love. If they love one of these ideas then that's great. However, don't try and make it fit. You need to make them feel special and making this moment tailored to them is so important.

1) Flash Mob

This is not to everyone's taste, that's for sure. It makes it a very public moment, not everyone wants that. Some people are happy to share this moment with as many people as possible. Others prefer an intimate moment. 

You can hire a dance group to start a flash mob in a shopping centre, or in the street. Just make sure you get permission from the relevant people first!

You will know whether this is something your other half would like or not.

2) Magician

This may sound a little odd but if your other half is a magic fan, this can work really well. The magician is able to produce the ring towards the end of their set and then leave you to finish off the job. 

If you choose a good magician they will be able to make a very romantic set of effects happen prior to the production of the ring and the proposal. This is great because it creates that uniqueness you are after but keeps it small and intimate. 

As it happens, I do know a magician who may be able to help you...!

3) Scavenger Hunt

This one can take a lot of planning but is worth it if you do put in the time. It's also something that could be straight out of a movie. 

You need to set up a load of clues and puzzles that will lead them slowly closer to the proposal area. This idea means that you can show you've been paying attention over the time you've been together. Perhaps where you had your first kiss, first date etc.

The best bit about this is that it's just you and your partner. No one else needs to be involved with this. 

All the best,