Put Your Money Towards Something You'll Remember

A recent survey found that brides do have regrets about their wedding day. You only get married once and the last thing you want is to regret it.

There were 6 distinct things that Brides felt they spent too much on.

They also asked the groom the same question and they answered very similarly, the only difference being they thought the wedding dress was too expensive. We know how important that dress is and people do remember it, so you can ignore that comment!

The 6 vital things Brides regret spending money on are:

1) Floral Arrangements

The flowers can really finish off a wedding but I can't say I could tell you the flowers that were at the wedding I was at last weekend, let alone one I was at a year ago. Of course you do need them and if you find an arrangement you like online, you should be able to take that image to most decent florists who can then re-create it for you, perhaps at a fraction of the cost of the original.

2) Decorations

I would never suggest removing decorations, they really help to create an overall atmosphere, however, do you need to spend as much as you think on them? After all is said and done, how many weddings do you look back on and think about the decorations?

If you have a stunning venue then I really don't think thousands of decorations are going to help. In fact, in my experience, they detract from the natural beauty of the venue and can begin to make your wedding look a little tacky. Remember the adage of 'less is more' when it comes to decorations.

3) Drink

There is a fine line you need to tread with your complimentary drinks for your guests. You want them to loosen up a little and get dancing when it matters but you don't want them collapsing on the dance floor!

That fine line should be known by your venues bar staff. I wouldn't listen to my advice on this, as a non-drinker I have no idea! 

I have however seen varying degrees of complimentary alcohol laid on my a couple and I have seen what too much of it can do! Ask for help and advice to make sure you don't over do it.

4) Transportation

This is a tough one. If you're Drinks Reception isn't in the same place as your Ceremony then you'll need transport to get you there. The question becomes, what kind of transport do you want to you? It's possible that some of your guests won't ever see the transport so you do have to question whether it is really worth spending all that money on that horse and carriage, or other similarly expensive mode of transport?

5) Bridesmaids Dresses

Similarly to decorations, how many times have you thought back on weddings in the past and even remembered the bridesmaids dresses? It is very easy to spend a lot of money on bridesmaids dresses in a wedding boutique but it's not always necessary. Sometimes an off the peg dress will do the job just as well.

6) The Suits

I don't know if this falls into the same category as the Grooms saying they spent too much on the dress but I thought this was worth including. I'd actually argue otherwise on this one as the suits can be worn again. It is very rare that a dress is worn again.

However, this isn't about my thoughts on the matter. I can see the point, maybe spending the same amount on all the suits isn't required. Much like the bridesmaids dresses, the best man/groomsmen etc suits won't be remembered as much as the grooms suit and even that's only a slim chance it will be remembered. 

For memorability factor, it is worth spending more on the dress than the suits, however, for practicality that is flipped. You need to work out what's more important you.


Of course, each wedding is different and different weddings have different things that are important. These are also not corner cutting ideas. They are just some of the regrets other Brides have had about their wedding day. Don't think you don't need them.

All of these things are essentials and you 100% need them at your wedding. The issue arrises when people spend too much money on them. As I've stated in a previous blog post there is one thing 73% of Brides regret not spending enough money on.

Maybe you could save some money on some of these ideas to put towards something at will truly enhance your day?

All the best,