Simplify your Planning with These Tips

Organising a Gala Dinner has so many moving parts it can easily become a hassle. That's why I created this list, to help simplify the process and hopefully remove some of the headaches associated with organising a Gala Dinner. 

These tips are here to make your life easier. I'm guessing your job is not to organise Gala Dinners but rather you've been given the task of organising this years Gala Dinner, whilst completing all the tasks associated with your normal job?

That's why these tips are so useful, not only do they alleviate some of the headaches but they also give you your time back, allowing you to focus on everything else you have organised for your Dinner. Especially if your Gala Dinner is taking place as part of a larger Conference or event! 

1)    Hire a Professional

There is an old adage that an amateur, while cheaper in the short term will be more expensive in the long run. There is a simple reason for this.

The amateur won’t necessarily have the required experience to confidently succeed at your event. This means that when it comes to your Dinner, they may not know how to compose themselves under pressure and this could offend one of your guests. If that gets back to the boss then it’s you who’s got to answer for that.

It’s simply not worth the risk.

A professional will be able to overcome hurdles an amateur will not, simply because they dedicate their lives to ensuring events run as smoothly as possibly and covering all those little bumps you've never thought of with ease. That’s almost part of the job description when you hire them!


2)    Trust the Professionals

This is the single biggest piece of advice I could ever give anyone. This almost goes beyond Gala Dinners and is more good life advice! Once you’ve hired professionals you are able to trust that they can do a good job. If they couldn’t do a good job, they wouldn’t be a professional.

If the professional recommends that something is moved to make sure that you get maximum impact from said professional, make sure that happens. In my case, I tend to recommend not having a magician perform while the guests are eating because it can become quite intrusive during what is quite a personal moment. Even though you are sharing that moment with many others at a table, I’ve always considered the act of eating quite a personal time.

So, as a professional, if I get asked to perform while people are eating I will let them know that in my experience that doesn’t work as well as before everyone takes their seats, during welcome drinks and canapés as it doesn’t intrude upon anyone who might be eating or focused on their food. Of course it is ultimately your event but you would be foolish not to listen to the advice of people who know.


3)    Don’t Skimp on Entertainment

I’m not just saying this because I’m an entertainer myself but I have genuine reason behind this. The entertainment is the thing everyone will remember. The food will come and go, the décor will fade from memory but the entertainment should always be remembered.

Here is why you should be prepared to pay. Of course, there are two ways it can be remembered. It can be remembered as amazing or as the worst thing ever. If it’s anywhere in the middle it is unlikely to be remembered. Obviously you don’t want to have it remembered as the worst thing ever, you want it remembered as amazing. Now, if you follow points 1 and 2 then this shouldn’t be an issue.

The next step up is to hire entertainment that can tailor their presentations to ensure that your message is incorporated into their performance.

Why is this important? It’s important because if they are going to be remembered for a long time, you may as well make sure they are remembered as the entertainer that wove in the companies message into their performance.

So you are remembered as well as the entertainment. If you book cheap entertainment they won’t do any of this and you could miss out on valuable connections in the future.


4)    Quality over Quantity

This ties in with my previous point, specifically relating to entertainment too. You could go gun-ho and book aerial-artists, magicians, mind readers, singers, poets, the list goes on. The question you need to ask yourself is why?

Are you trying to create a feast for the eyes? If so then focus on things that are bold and visual, like aerial artists.

If however, you are trying to convey a corporate message in a fun and interactive manner then a magician or mind reader may work better as they are able to build bespoke performances for your message to make sure people remember it forever.


5)    Have Fun

You’ve organised this thing, make sure you have fun. If you’ve followed the previous 4 tips then you will be absolutely fine and there is nothing to worry about.

You’ve earned the chance to let your hair down and have fun. Make sure your entertainment is fun though, you’ll be missing out otherwise!


All the Best,




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