How Do Your Out of Town Guests get their hotels?

There are a variety of different options available to you and it very much depends on a couple of things:

A) Your budget

B) Your venue

If you have an 'unlimited budget', in other words you don't have to worry about what anything costs, they you are more than welcome to block book a load of hotel rooms for your guests.

You will get a good rate if you phone the hotel and explain your situation. They will be used to block booking rooms for conferences and the like. 

If your budget is slightly tighter then you can look for 2 different hotels at 2 different price points. This will allow your guests to choose the hotel that best suits their needs. Again, you can phone them up and explain your situation.

Ask if they offer a group rate. They will then set aside a set number of rooms for your guests to book themselves. 

This is great because you have saving them money by organising a group rate but you aren't expending the cash yourself.

Lin and Paul's Wedding 4.jpg

Your venue is also an important factor when thinking about hotel rooms. Are you getting married in a hotel? If that's the case then most hotels offer a room rate for wedding guests, similarly to organising a group rate at outside venues.

People don't need to worry travel with this option. You shouldn't hire a hotel solely for this reason though, you should hire the venue you want.

The other type of venue is an exclusive hire venue. This is where you hire the entire place for the day/weekend. They will often have a few rooms included in that, you can put them up in the venue if they can't travel home after the party. This is great for the guests as they don't need to think about anything.

Of course this does mean that some people who wouldn't normally be that close to your day may become an integral part of the day. Especially if the venue only has a few rooms available. 

You just need to be happy with the people you are putting up in the venue. If you're not, should they even be invited?

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